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Our Story

The MURAL Mission

At MURAL, we’re redefining what a real estate company can do

Our mission is to build thriving neighborhoods that inspire innovation and cultivate growth within underserved areas. We believe that real estate has the power to solve societal challenges when executed in tandem with our six points of advocacy — necessities that are vital to a community’s economic success.

Our Six Points of Advocacy


Stable and approachably-priced housing

Local job creation

Educational opportunities and workforce training

Residential access to fresh food, healthcare and wellness programs

Fostering and supporting existing culture and history

Environmental sustainability and responsibility

Seeing a Bright Future in Underinvested Communities

At MURAL, we see ourselves as change generators. We are a full-service real estate company with expertise in mixed-use development and operations. Our Company strives to create economic empowerment in the underinvested communities we serve. We believe this is created through a mix of residential offerings, ranging from affordable homes to attainably priced housing that brings all income levels into a neighborhood.

A holistic neighborhood ecosystem driven by housing and a carefully crafted street with neighborhood-serving street retail, restaurants and cultural offerings that speak to the soul of the community.

Founded by Robin Zeigler, one of few minority women who has held C-suite position at publicly-traded real estate companies, MURAL’s leadership team is a diverse group of professionals with executive experience at some of the country’s largest publicly-traded real estate companies, including Federal Realty Investment Trust, The Howard Hughes Corporation and Cedar Realty Trust — all of whom happen to be women.


Engage to change — together we can build your vision